Terms & Conditions: Simba Sleep Ltd. Referral Programme

The Simba Sleep, Ltd Referral Program allows individuals to earn approved commissions by referring friends to purchase a Simba Mattress. To participate in the referral programme you must agree to abide by the terms and conditions. By participating in the programme you are consenting to abide by the conditions.


Referral Scheme

From time to time Simba Sleep Ltd. may offer consumers “referral codes”. These codes allow consumers to receive a reward for referring friends to Simba Sleep Ltd.

The purpose of the referral scheme is to encourage existing customers to refer friends, family members, colleagues or others whom they think may be interested in Simba Sleep Ltd products. For qualifying referrals, both the referring customer and the person referred will receive a reward.

One referral code will be issued with each order, regardless of the number of mattresses purchased in an order. 


Gaining Rewards

Only the initial referee may pass on their referral code. Referral codes cannot be passed between third parties and may become invalid if they do.

A referred customer will receive a £50 reduction in the price of the mattress applied upon entry of the referral code at the checkout.

The referral code must be applied at the checkout. Referral codes cannot be used retroactively. Simba Sleep Ltd is under no obligation to provide any rewards for orders where the code was not entered. Should Simba Sleep Ltd choose to do so, it will be at the sole discretion of the Company and a decision to do so on one occasion does not mean the same decision will be made on another.

Only one referral code can be used per transaction. Referral codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or other discount.


How to Earn Your Commission

Following delivery of a mattress a customer will receive a unique referral code by email.  This code, or the hyperlink to the code, may be shared with friends and family. If the friend completes a purchase, the referrer will be notified.

The referrer must wait until the friend’s trial period has finished before receiving their reward. This time period includes the 100-night trial plus shipping and processing times. If the friend returns their mattress, no reward will be given to the referrer.  

Once this time period has passed, and if the friend’s order is not fraudulent or otherwise in breach of our Terms and Conditions, then it shall be qualified for a referral reward.


Qualifying Order

A Qualifying Order must include a mattress which is not returned for a refund within the 100-night trial period. If an order is cancelled or returned as part of 100-night trial the order will not qualify for a reward. Simba Sleep Ltd reserves the right to cancel a Qualifying Order if we believe it to be placed fraudulently.


Rewards and Payouts

£50.00 is earned by the referrer for each approved referral and is processed through PayPal to the referrer’s linked PayPal account.

Payments are made through PayPal only. If the referrer did not link a PayPal account during registration, they can enter it by logging into the referral portal.

Referral codes are redeemable up to a maximum value of £1000 (20 referrals). No referee will receive the rewards above the value of £1000.


Sharing Referral Links

Referrals should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes to friends and family who will appreciate receiving these messages. Referral links should not be distributed to recipients who do not have a personal connection to the referrer (such as coupon websites, Reddit, forums or mass email lists).

Referral codes cannot be used commercially or shared on public forums.

Promotion of referral codes using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on any search engine or display advertising platform is strictly prohibited. This includes promotion in the advert itself, display URLs and the content of the webpage the advert redirects to. Simba Sleep Ltd reserves the right to cancel or otherwise restrict the use of any codes it believes have been distributed in breach of these terms and conditions.

Simba Sleep Ltd is the sole arbiter of what constitutes commercial use and may, at its discretion, cancel codes without notification being issued to the code holder. Such decisions cannot be appealed. However, Simba Sleep Ltd. will never cancel a referral code without reasonable grounds.

Referral codes remain the property of Simba Sleep Ltd. and are not redeemable for cash or any merchandise. 


Termination and Change

Simba Sleep, Ltd. may suspend or terminate the Referral Program or a user’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time and for any reason. Requirements and incentives may also change at any time. Simba Sleep, Ltd. reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and cancel or modify referrals if activity is deemed abusive or fraudulent. Commissions earned as a result of fraudulent activity are null and void.



Any abuse of this Program, as determined by Simba Sleep Ltd at our sole discretion, may result in the rescission of the Referrer’s Reward and the Referred Friend’s promotion code, as well as the inability by both parties to participate in this Program or future Simba Sleep Ltd promotions. This Program is subject to modification or termination at any time by Simba Sleep Ltd. at our sole discretion. To prevent fraud and abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify any Reward or promotion code or cancel any order.

Only one Qualified Referral can be earned for each Referred Customer up to a maximum of five Referred Customers during the operation of the Program. Any additional or subsequent purchases made by a Referred Customer will not be considered Qualified Referrals.


Updates to the Terms

Simba Sleep Ltd reserves the right to update these terms at any time without prior notice. Continued participation in the Referral Program after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification. If the modified terms are not acceptable, the only recourse is to stop sending referrals or participating in the Referral Program.








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